Eltanin is a project aiming to produce a free, simple, and complete general-purpose operating system.


The principles which will guide this project are not new, they are basically the same used by UNIX, during its initial stages, and even some recent operating systems, such as Plan 9. Most recent software does not suck because their developers are ignorant or incompetent, they suck because their goal is not to be well-crafted but to sell well (or simply doesn’t care such as GNU).


In here defined as maintainable and comprehensible pieces, which consider resource and storage usage (in this order of importance), aiming for the smaller use possible for its context.

For this project interface simplicity is preferred over implementation simplicity.

The system as a whole does not aim to produce an extremely minimalist operating system, on the contrary, it aims to be as useful (and not painfully so) as the bigger alternatives.


Modern useful features are not to be ignored, they should be planned to be implemented without colliding with the other principles. Obviously to offer a feature does not mean it needs to be achieved in the same way that the others do.


To achieve a complete and modern system, without ending with a bloated nightmare, is necessary that the small pieces which compose it can interact with each other consistently and stably (in this way also being able to be replaced or combined in different ways).

POSIX Compatibility

To be able to interoperate with the huge software ecosystem that already exists is necessary to be compatible with the POSIX specifications. So the specifications will be considered and implemented when relevant, also it will be considered to avoid collisions (namespace).